Portfolio // Farm Lane Rail Bridges // Lansing, MI

Project Specs

Client: Michigan State University

  • CSX Bridge - 115 ft. Thru Girder, 20 degree skew
  • CN Bridge - 115 ft. Thru Girder
  • Maintenance of Rail Traffic
  • Fast Track Design Schedule
  • Multiple Construction Contracts

Project Details

The design of these two new rail bridges was performed under a fast track design and construction schedule that required the project to be constructed in two phases with three separate contracts.  These contracts included Site Preparation, Structural Steel Fabrication and General Construction.

 Bergmann Scope:
  • Rail Coordination
  • Rail Design
  • Bridge Design
  • Highway & Landscaping
  • Construction Phase Engineering
  • Community Involvement
Construction Scope:
  • $30M Construction Cost
  • Temporary Shoo Fly & Sheeting
  • New Bridge Construction
  • Highway & Trail Construction
  • Drainage with Two Pump Stations
  • Cutoff Walls
  • Lighting
  • Utility Relocations
  • Aesthetic Treatments