Portfolio // Berlin Tainter Gated Dam - Rehabilitation // Warren, Ohio

Project Specs

Client: USACE Pittsburgh District

  • Rehab of 4 tainter gates and 1 set of stop logs.
  • Crane repairs and new crane storage building design.
  • Fracture Critical Inspection and Non-destructive Testing.
  • FEM Analysis.
  • Rehabilitation Plans and Specifications.
  • Construction Cost Estimate and Schedule.

Project Details

Provided in-depth inspection and fracture critical testing for four tainter gates at the dam facility (circa 1943).  Evaluated structural capacity and reliability based on current EM requirements.  Provided an inspection and design report including repair estimates and construction cost estimates. 

Second phase of project included the final analysis and detailed design of rehabilitation for the tainter gates, stop logs, crane structure and the building design and site work for the crane housing.  Structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering and architectural services were provided.  Sequence of construction for gate bay rehab and seasonal flow conditions was also provided.