Portfolio // Walmart Supercenters // Northeast

Project Specs

Client: Walmart Stores

  • Service for over 60 active Supercenter projects
  • Managing each project from initial site investigation and planning through local and regulatory municipal approvals, to final design and construction completion 
  • Work closely with team members to obtain and track permits solicited from regulatory agencies
  • Role as Program Manager, Architect and Engineer throughout the Northeast

    Project Details

    Walmart retained Bergmann Associates to provide site design and approval processing for numerous Supercenters throughout New York State.  Our design work has included layout and detailing of all exterior facades, site improvements, grading, utilities, access, parking, drainage, landscaping and building. These designs include coordination with State and Federal Agencies on architectural requirements, stormwater & wetland permitting.  We provided planning and final design services as well as design of utilities, parking, highway/signalization improvements, drainage, stormwater control, erosion control, fire protection systems, overseeing of environmental drilling and studies and wetland processing.  The approval process includes architectural review boards rezoning, zoning variances, subdivision and site plan approvals, traffic impact analysis & studies and environmental analyses.