Portfolio // Chickamauga Lock Replacement // Chattanooga, TN

Project Specs

Client:  Nashville District Army Corps of Engineers

  • Innovative Lock Feasibility Study
  • Construction Planning & Phasing
  • Innovative Landward Cofferdam using Lift-in Construction
  • Final Designs for Segmental Cofferdam & Integral Landwall
  • Site Development Plans, Specs, Estimate and Schedules

Project Details

Feasibility studies included innovative "In-the-Wet" alternatives for the new 110' x 600' replacement lock.  Bergmann created concept designs and evaluated constructing the new lock using lift-in or float-in construction, cofferbox and various staged coffercell options. We provided preconstruction planning services to the Nashville District to assist development of the sequence of construction activities and developed potential site layouts for efficient construction operations. Float-in and Lift-in concepts addressed clearance issues between the existing operational lock and the new construction, and foundation design issues associated with difficult geotechnical conditions. We provided the final design, plans, specifications, MCACES cost estimates, P3 schedule, and ECIFP for the segmental landward cofferdam, the integral landward lock wall and full site development.  Design of the landward lock wall included non-linear 3D finite element modeling, incorporating staged-construction analysis.  EDC services were provided throughout cofferdam construction.