Our waterfront projects include:
  • Docks
  • Piers & Warfs
  • Marinas
  • Sea Walls & Jetties
  • Bulkhead Walls
  • Fender Systems
  • Our primary services include:
  • Structural Engineering
  • Navigation Planning
  • Hydraulics & Dredging
  • In-the-Wet Construction Designs 
  • Waterfront Planning
  • Phased Construction Services

    Waterfront projects are normally of a significant size and entail complex construction issues.  The work involves understanding how a major structure affects and is affected by both water and earth. We provide the full range of services from inspection and planning, to design and construction administration for all forms  of waterfront projects.  We are experts in developing realistic construction schedules and construction cost estimates.  We understand the complex constructibility issues associated with working in the water.

    For additional information contact Ed Morales at e-mail.