Entitlement and permitting projects include:
  • Commercial/Retail projects
  • Industrial projects
  • Manufacturing projects
  • Controversial & environmentally sensitive projects
  • Mixed Use/Phased projects 
  • Construction permitting for remodel projects
  • Our primary services include:
  • Strategic entitlement planning
  • Public Relations
  • Community workshops
  • Approval Team Management and Coordination
  • Preparation of presentation material
  • 3-D Modeling and visualization
  • Scheduling
  • Web-base data management
  • Local/State/Federal Agency experience
  • Buildings permitting and code compliance
  • Agency permitting and tracking  

    The ability to obtain a right to build is becoming increasingly more difficult.  The effort required to obtain approvals and permits can extend into months and sometimes years.  Bergmann Associates understands that our clients are not in the business of tying up large capital expenditures in lengthy approvals and permitting.  Our clients return on their investment starts when the building is built and occupied.  Therefore our entitlement and permitting group is dedicated achieving your right to build in the most efficient and quickest way possible.   Our team consists of individuals that excel in the approval and permitting process, without the responsibility of design, they can truly focus on the approval tasks at hand.

    For more information please contact Kim Thompson at e-mail