In 1980 economic times were not the best.  Interest rates were high and the economy not very good.  It was not the best of times to start a new company.   But Don Bergmann's passion for serving clients allowed him the optimism and confidence to start Bergmann Associates in November of that year. His passion for both his employees' welfare and the firms' clients is why Bergmann Associates has become the firm of choice in the markets we practice in.

Bergmann Associates started as a small group of dedicated people providing land development, civil, highway and bridge engineering services to public and private clients in western New York State.  Early on, under Don's leadership, the firm actively sought to expand its capabilities and was soon offering mechanical and electrical engineering services to large industrial clients.  The firm's ability to gain and retain clients was based on hiring top performing employees and focusing on excellent service. These are the reasons why many of Bergmann's initial clients are still with us today.

In the late 1980's, in response to requests from several clients, Bergmann Associates started providing professional architectural and interior design services.  The addition of these services has allowed us to become a recognized building design firm.  As time has passed, the firm's skills continued to expand to meet growing client needs. Our portfolio has now expanded to include construction, planning and GIS services as well as program management.

Presently, Bergmann Associates employs over 330 people in ten different markets within Florida, Michigan, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.