We have the expertise to implement a variety of sustainable design features and technologies in our projects. Our multi-discipline staff also allow us to create synergies between business segments and disciplines which result in economic, environmental and social benefits to the project and subsequently the owner and end users.  We currently have 23 LEED AP's on staff including architects, interior designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and landscape architects.

Sustainable Sites
Native Vegetation
Habitat Restoration
Innovative Stormwater Design
Pervious Pavement
Lawn Alternatives
Design for Community Ownership

Energy & Atmosphere
High Performing Building Envelopes
Whole Building Energy Modeling
Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

Materials & Resources
Site Design to Incorporate Existing Materials
Construction Waste Diversion
Project Material Selection for Recycled and Regional Content
Historic Preservation
Use of Rapidly Renewable Materials i.e. bamboo

Healthy Indoor Environments
Specification of low-emitting (low VOC) building materials
Interior Design
Demand Control Ventilation
Lighting Control

Water Conservation
Native Vegetation
Rainwater Harvesting
High Performance Plumbing Fixtures
Washwater Recycling & Reuse