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About Bergmann

National Reach

Bergmann's team of more than 450 professionals operate from office locations across the Northeast, Midwest and Atlantic regions of the U.S.

Award-winning Solutions

Projects in the Bergmann portfolio range from major buildings and commercial developments to critical transportation infrastructure and community planning.

Want to know more?

Meet our leadership team and learn about our Mission, Vision and Values that drive our team everyday.

40 Years of Excellence in Architecture, Engineering and Planning

For four decades, Bergmann architects, engineers and planners have been providing comprehensive design and engineering solutions for clients across the United States and Canada. From our 15 locations, our team delivers projects for national and international clients ranging from government entities to international brands. We pride ourselves on being a firm with national capabilities and reach, while maintaining strong local connections.

Our work spans major buildings and commercial developments to critical transportation infrastructure and community planning, all with the goal of delivering success for our clients and building our future.

Our History

Founded in 1980 by Don Bergmann, together with Brian Dougherty, John Murray and Gary Olin, Bergmann started as a civil and transportation design company focused on client success. Over the years, the firm expanded to include experts in the areas of planning, the environment, architecture and interior design, which opened doors to new opportunities and lead to initial expansion into Philadelphia and Buffalo.

Don and the other founders created an environment where people realized their potential and could apply themselves creatively, pushing boundaries and providing innovative solutions for client projects. This mindset is the foundation of Bergmann’s success to this day, focusing on the firm’s five core values of People, Integrity & Ethics, Service, Teamwork & Collaboration and Excellence.

Today, over 4 decades later, Bergmann continues to be a trusted advisor to clients across the country, providing critical support and advisement on projects that have a positive and lasting impact on communities and society as a whole.

Building our Future

At Bergmann, our vision is clear: to deliver client success, create opportunities for our people and build our future. Learn how we achieve this in our corporate video and contact us if you'd like to explore more.