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Diversity and Inclusion

Ritter Debi

Debi RItter

Talent Acquisition Manager - Midwest

Equal Opportunity Employer

Bergmann is committed to considering all qualified candidates for employment regardless of status including minority, veteran, disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. As part of our commitment to a diverse workforce, we also ensure reasonable accommodations for employees.

View the applicable Department of Labor posters.

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Diversity & Inclusion at Bergmann

Diversity Inclusion Committee 1

Bergmann's Diversity & Inclusion Committee

At Bergmann, we understand that supporting diversity and inclusion is both the right thing to do and the right thing to do for our business. The solutions our people deliver every day have a lasting impact on our society and we are committed to supporting a more diverse and inclusive environment at Bergmann and the communities in which we serve.

In 2020 we formed our inaugural Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee to our Board of Directors. This 12-person group comprises individuals from underrepresented groups across Bergmann who provide insight and advisement to our Board and help shape strategies related to this ever-important topic.

At Bergmann, we are committed to:

  • Increasing diverse representation across our firm.
  • Providing opportunities for dialogue and understanding.
  • Supporting initiatives in our community that directly address racial inequalities.
  • Supporting initiatives that raise awareness of A/E/P among underrepresented groups.

Read our full Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement and watch the video below.

“Inclusion is a means in which diversity thrives…We’re trying to include everybody, not just underrepresented groups, but everybody within Bergmann and by proxy within our communities as well.”

– Mufuta Tshimanga, Discipline Leader and Co-Chair of Bergmann’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Listen to Our Podcast Episode on Diversity & Inclusion in the A/E/P Industry

Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

We are committed to a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion and recognize the important role this plays in propelling our industry and society forward, while inspiring the fresh thinking and creative solutions that fuel business agility and connection with our people, clients and communities we serve.

These guiding principles are fundamental to our commitment:

  1. We actively seek talent, clients and partners with diverse perspectives and backgrounds.
  2. We strive to engage every employee as a co-owner and co-creator of the Bergmann culture.
  3. We are intentional in our efforts to support individuals in reaching their full potential