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Bergmann has joined Colliers Engineering & Design

Its Official

Bergmann has joined Colliers Engineering & Design!

On November 1, 2021, Bergmann officially joined Colliers Engineering & Design (CED), allowing us to bring a new level of customized design solutions to our clients and communities.

This new company structure establishes us as a dynamic A/E firm with the mean of serving clients across a broader geography and with a complete suite of design services.

Bergmann’s team members, leadership and office locations remain, and together with CED total more than 1,800 employees operating out of over 60 office locations across the nation. We continue to be the same people, with the same dedication to excellence, innovation and client success, with even greater resources and reach.

We are excited about the new opportunities this brings for our people and our clients, and look forward to accelerating success, together.

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