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Johnsrud + Bergmann Integration

“Upon joining Bergmann, we merged with a firm whose culture aligns well with what we created as Johnsrud Architects. Bergmann provides support for our employees who look to expand on our successes designing life sciences facilities as well as opening opportunities in other markets for the curious. We are excited that the knowledge and imagination that Johnsrud Architects delivered will continue to flourish.”

- Charles Johnsrud, AIA, LEED AP, Principal

“The combined expertise of the Johnsrud and Bergmann teams provides a deep resume to clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, research and manufacturing markets. Like Bergmann, Johnsrud has been built on a strong culture that emphasizes developing long term relationships.”

- Pietro (Pete) Giovenco, PE, President and CEO, Bergmann

STI Leadership Bios

Key Projects

Project Sparta

Expanded Capabilities...Continued Excellence

In September 2019, Johnsrud Architects joined Bergmann, a nationally recognized architecture, engineering, and planning firm. The Johnsrud team joined 450+ team members across Bergmann’s 15 locations, and will continue to serve clients from their Trevose, Pennsylvania office, now Bergmann’s third office in the Philadelphia metro area.

The capabilities and services that Johnsrud Architects developed over the firm's 25-year history complement Bergmann's expertise in specialized consulting for clients in high technology industries, including cleanroom, laboratory and advanced manufacturing facilities. Together, the teams will focus on critical projects in the new Science Technology and Industry (STI) practice area within Bergmann.

Science Technology and Industry Practice Area

The Johnsrud Team has merged with Bergmann’s Research and Manufacturing practice, a national leader in solutions-based advanced manufacturing, laboratory and facility design, servicing industrial facilities, manufacturing, process and R&D clients.

Together the teams form a new practice known as Science Technology and Industry (STI), led by four experts with over 100 years of combined experience in high technology, critical facilities. You can read more in their bios on the right. Their extensive experience and collaboration will facilitate a cross-pollination of concepts and ideas to ensure creative and innovative solutions to support our clients in achieving their goals.

Integrated Capabilities

Our integrated capabilities include a comprehensive services portfolio for specialized industries:

Understanding our clients' business goals and drivers ensures that the planning, whether on a building, campus or regional scale, will define the pertinent factors, organize and project them, and develop viable options to address the multiple priorities that are always part of the development plan.

Laboratories are as unique as the sciences they explore and the stages, from discovery to quality control, supported within. The activities, materials, hazards and equipment drive the function of flow of each lab. The understanding of those issues ensures an efficient and safe working environment.

Regulated production facilities, whether for US, European or global markets, deliver life saving therapies as well as products that enhance the quality of life for large populations. Market position and efficient operations are critical for our clients' success and the experience of providing valuable solutions for new or modified operations in the midst of on-going operations is essential.

Workplaces are dynamic environments that need to reflect the people and operations withing. With the COVID-19 pandemic the pace of workplace changes will be accelerated. Our experience with collaborative environments integrated with "heads-down" spaces ensures that the balance is understood and the change to more virtual working will be accommodated.

Our Education Practice uses design as a tool to provide positive change in our communities, partnering with educators to advance the lives of others through education. From campus planning, to student life and residence halls, to STEM learning centers and labs, our team is focused on providing solutions that set students and teachers up for long-term success.

Together with construction management firm DJB Builds, we are focused on reducing your risks and delivering the most cost-effective project possible. This starts in pre-construction, using a combination of data and expertise to create early project budgets and plans that account for the unknowns inherent with every project.

For more than 20 years, the Bergmann team has been formally commissioning systems, becoming an effective and cost-efficient Commissioning Authority. We pride ourselves in producing insights and results that bring you value and are provided through our proprietary commissioning software that makes is easy to collaborate and take action.

Retro-commissioning (RCx) represents the single greatest opportunity to reduce energy use throughout the existing building stock. Performed on buildings that have been in operation for two or more years, this methodical and documented process is meant to ensure energy-using systems in a building operate correctly to meet current building requirements.