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Download our article sharing perspectives on how COVID-19 will change learning environments.

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Collaborative Learning Environments by Design

In today’s environment, educators face a multitude of criteria for successfully enabling students to thrive academically and be effectively prepared for their futures. 21st century learning encompasses collaboration and community, innovation and creativity, safety and sustainability. This new model has evolved the relationships between faculty and students and requires a new approach to campus design.

At Bergmann, we use design as a tool to provide positive change in our communities, partnering with educators to advance the lives of others through education. We look to build lasting relationships and deliver meaningful solutions that support the needs of a modern learning and campus experience.

Our creative process starts with collaboration in mind, first and foremost listening to understand the needs of all stakeholders. Students are facing an ever-changing workforce that requires flexible skills, interdisciplinary engagement, and understanding of science and technology. Educators, seeking to prepare students with capabilities to collaborate, lead, and to create. Administrators and Facility Directors focused on making informed decisions that lead to safe and sustainable environments built with the future in mind.

We bring an integrative discipline philosophy, teaming with decision makers for comprehensive campus solutions. Our team of full-discipline experts specialize in the creation of modern, innovative spaces, and follow a uniquely responsive, iterative process that results in dynamic, high-performing, and sustainable solutions.

Education Service Offerings

Education clients face the unique challenge of budgets that are either determined by public funding or through other stringent expectations. At the same time, projects in these markets are highly visible and reflect the values of the community. Bergmann designers are experienced at balancing these expectations while delivering dynamic, creative solutions that enhance the local community.

Bergmann professionals provide a full range of building engineering services to the Education market. We partner with clients to design buildings from the ground up or to renovate existing buildings to optimize their use. From mechanical/electrical/plumbing to structural engineering, count on the Bergmann team to develop a building solution that is cost effective while achieving the goals of the project.

Planning services are a cornerstone of many academic initiatives. Bergmann professionals have a proven track record of successful stakeholder engagement and master planning, as well as the integration of landscape architecture services. Our comprehensive planning approach delivers results including a long-range and future vision for our education clients.