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PreK-12 Education

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Personalized solutions that make a lasting impact

The physical learning environment plays an essential role in the success of students, teachers and administrators alike. Creating an environment that supports growth and learning requires familiarity with ever-changing topics including environmental sustainability, safety, technology, and State Education Department (SED) requirements and processes. Bergmann's design team has an in-depth understanding of these areas and knows the importance of presenting solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your district.

We work with school districts not with the goal of creating award-winning designs, but to set students up for future success and positively contribute to the character of the communities those districts serve.

Our approach is to first listen and learn. It is only through open-minded communication with stakeholders, in-depth examination of current conditions, and honest collaboration that we can fully understand the unique challenges your buildings, staff and students face. This allows us to offer solutions that are personalized to your needs and aligned with district goals.

Our team has over four decades of education experience and extensive knowledge of building systems, state regulations and funding opportunities, and educational strategies. We continually research innovative trends and teaching methods to create spaces that foster creative learning, focus and curiosity. A large part of this includes leveraging our experience from across our practices, including higher education, lab planning, research and workplace design. All of this allows us to provide meaningful solutions that will have an impact on your students, faculty and community for years to come.

PreK-12 Solutions

  • Campus and facilities planning
    • Buildings conditions surveys / 5-year plans (required by SED)
    • Capital outlay projects
    • Emergency projects
    • Pre-referendum / construction project planning
  • Libraries and media centers
  • STEM labs / industrial technology spaces
  • Music and performing arts suites
  • Secure entrances / administrative spaces
  • Athletic facilities
  • Transportation centers

Practice Leadership

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James Hickey, AIA

Education Practice Leader