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What We Do

From corporate headquarters and signature offices buildings to health and wellness facilities, Bergmann’s team of architects, engineers, and planners provide a full range of services to meet the demands of today’s buildings environment. Bergmann professionals understand that the experience on the interior of the building is just as important as the look of the structure from the outside.

Offices & Corporate Facilities Service Offerings

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Bergmann provides full-service architectural solutions for clients looking to build, renovate or re-purpose offices and corporate facilities. Our designers work together with an in-house, multi-disciplinary team to design new buildings, renovate current structures or redevelop other types of buildings to meet client needs. We know how critical the concept of place-making is to our corporate customers and the value they place integrating the right space with the best design.

If you are planning for a corporate complex, business park, health & wellness facility or single office, Bergmann Client Management Services can help you create a space that is safe, comfortable and cost efficient. Bergmann can help with an assessment of current facilities, including inventories and audits, while assisting with a determination of your needs for the future. Our specialists in energy and sustainability can design a space that is comfortable, while realizing both cost savings and environmental benefits. Bergmann design experts will understand your brand and help express your identity throughout the space. And recognizing that the true cost of an office or facility comes after construction, Bergmann can be a long-term partner in the asset management programs for your space.

Bergmann professionals provide structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, plumbing engineering, electrical engineering and lighting design services for office and corporate facilities. Bergmann professionals also understand the need for realistic, cost-effective design solutions to reduce the cost and environmental impact of energy usage in building engineering. Substantial savings for buildings can often be realized by identifying low-cost operational improvements. Bergmann will put the safety and well-being of your people first, while delivering the optimum results to meet your goals.

Bergmann interior designers are nationally recognized for their award winning solutions for office and corporate facilities clients. Our professionals go beyond the observed finishes and furniture. Bergmann interior designers execute successful designs through an assessment of the organization and how it functions. Our interiors team pays attention to every detail, resulting in a solution that is creative, flexible and progressive.

Bergmann professionals are committed to balancing economic, social and environmental considerations in pursuit of a more sustainable world. As a full-service, multi-disciplinary design firm, we are able to seamlessly develop, implement and promote collaborative strategies that protect natural habitats and encourage urban redevelopment. We continually investigate the adaptive reuse of existing structures, innovative energy efficient design practices and commissioning services for both new and existing building systems. Bergmann professionals believe in creating a more sustainable world by design.

When an organization looks to build or redevelop a building that will serve as a headquarters or other key facility in a community, the development of a master plan creates a critical vision for the future of both the organization and the surrounding community. From single buildings to planning for multiple building complexes in a community, Bergmann has an experienced planning team ready to support the process for clients in this market. Bergmann also offers best in class landscape architecture solutions to that ensure offices and other corporate facilities are accessible, welcoming and engaging.