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Workplaces today are more than just offices, they represent the brand and culture of an organization. The workplace environment, both exterior and interior, influence productivity, innovation, business development and hiring. Bergmann professionals understand that workplaces need to be safe, comfortable and cost efficient for the organization and its most valued resource, the employees.

Our team of architects, engineers and interior designers collaborate to create a range of workplace designs from offices and corporate headquarters to complete office complexes. From the start of the project, with initial programming meetings, to completion, when the client occupies the space, our team is thinking about ways to innovatively improve the process or its outcomes while delivering an end product that supports the client's business goals.

Bergmann Workplace Solutions:

  • Full build-out, renovation and building re-purposing
  • Site, civil and M/E/P building engineering services
  • Energy efficient design / LEED certified design
  • Nationally recognized interior design services