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Power & Energy

Marcellus Shale Midstream and Gathering Projects OH and PA optimized

What We Do

Bergmann understands the need for clean and inexpensive energy to improve our communities. Bergmann provides cost effective Power and Energy solutions, from natural gas, hydropower, solar, wind, biofuels and other industry innovations. We provide our clients with environmentally-focused services for their projects. Our team can anticipate potential energy-related problems, manage risk, identify potential challenges and provide alternative solutions.

Power & Energy Service Offerings

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Bergmann designers have experience across the Power and Energy market developing designs that are both innovative and efficient. As part of the full-range of multi-disciplinary services available to the Power and Energy market, Bergmann designers are poised to develop dynamic, creative solutions that will stand the test of time. Our team looks at the whole picture. Working across disciplines, Bergmann professionals blend design solutions to consider the building structure, interior and exterior.

Client Management Services ensure we are involved in nearly all aspects of our client’s organization, integrating client project management staff, local operations staff and Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (HSSE) professionals to ensure a project is executed to meet expectations. We are heavily integrated into our Power and Energy clients' programs and our continued success with these clients speaks to our expertise in this area.

Bergmann professionals understand the need for realistic, cost-effective design solutions to reduce the cost and environmental impacts of energy usage. We can help by evaluating the life cycle cost of design alternatives. Substantial savings for existing buildings can often be realized by identifying low-cost operational improvements through retro commissioning and other alternatives. Bergmann understands sustainability and the importance of building commissioning to ensure that high performance buildings perform as designed. Our engineers are passionate about finding innovative solutions to energy conservation and sustainability needs.

Bergmann has the full-service capabilities to develop infrastructure engineering designs for power and energy projects. Our hydrology and hydraulics specialists possess industry leading knowledge and capabilities to design solutions that are innovative and cost-effective for our clients.

Regulations for environmental compliance permitting and design in the energy industry demand that professionals have the education, knowledge, creativity and experience to provide environmentally sounds solutions. Bergmann’s Energy and Environmental team has in-depth experience completing project work from due diligence to design, to permitting and ultimately to construction and restoration, on wide variety of public and private sector projects.

Bergmann professionals are committed to balancing economic, social and environmental considerations in pursuit of a more sustainable world. As a full-service, multi-disciplinary design firm, we are able to seamlessly develop, implement and promote collaborative strategies that protect natural habitats and encourage urban redevelopment. We continually investigate the adaptive reuse of existing structures, innovative energy efficient design practices and commissioning services for new and existing building systems. Bergmann professionals believe in creating a more sustainable world by design.