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Industrial Manufacturing Research & Development

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Brookhaven National Laboratory, Interior Lab, Upton, NY

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY

What We Do

Bergmann’s Research & Manufacturing Group is a national leader in solutions-based advanced manufacturing, laboratory and facility design. We provide expert service to industrial facilities, manufacturing, process and R&D clients. Quality communications and strong program management ensure a seamless experience from initial programming through construction and project start-up. Quality control reviews occur at all major milestones to ensure that objectives, timelines and budgets are achieved. As a full-service design firm, we can effectively manage every aspect of your project.

Research & Manufacturing Service Offerings

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Bergmann designers offer a full range services from preliminary planning and feasibility studies through final design and construction inspection for both full build-out projects and renovations/re-purposing. Bergmann architects have developed a rich portfolio of award winning work across a number of markets. For our research & manufacturing clients, our architectural design professionals work closely as trusted partners with our clients throughout the design process to realize a jointly conceived vision. Bergmann has built an in-house, multi-disciplinary team of interior designers, engineers and planners who skillfully balance design constraints and design opportunities. We strive to design buildings of lasting value that are infused with sustainable principles.

Whether it's an individual facility or an entire campus, Bergmann Client Management Services can partner with you to adapt a previous structure or design a completely new facility. The Bergmann team will begin work in the project development stage with either site selection or facility condition assessment and inventory. The design team in the next stage will be made up of architects, engineers, planners, energy professionals and more. Throughout construction, quality reviews and checks will ensure your facility is delivered on time and within budget. After construction is complete, Bergmann can help make the most of your facility and keep it up to date with an ongoing asset management strategy.

As stewards of the environment, we challenge ourselves to design projects that are resourceful and innovative. We create strategies with the least environmental impact to produce the most memorable solutions. For our Research & Manufacturing clients, our professionals apply sustainable principals to design high-performing buildings. Our interiors team creates environments that are healthy and promote occupant satisfaction through interior finish material selection, lighting design, spatial design and aesthetics. We are experts in the design of buildings to meet USGBC® LEED Green Building Rating System™ requirements. We have a number of LEED AP’s on staff, ready to integrate sustainable principals throughout the design process.

Bergmann regularly executes a range of engineering services for clients including structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, plumbing engineering, electrical engineering and lighting design. Bergmann professionals understand the need for realistic, cost-effective design solutions to reduce the cost and environmental impact of energy usage. For research and manufacturing projects, we can help by evaluating the life cycle cost of design alternatives. Substantial savings for existing buildings can often be realized by identifying low-cost operational improvements. Bergmann understands sustainability and the importance of commissioning to ensure that high performance buildings perform as designed. Our engineers are passionate about finding innovative solutions to energy conservation and sustainability needs.

Rail and transit are key components of our transportation system that efficiently connect people and freight throughout the country. For manufacturers, this integration can be critical to the supply chain. Bergmann rail engineers possess a broad range of experience from inside the rail industry and bring a clear understanding of the unique nature of railroad projects. Bergmann professionals provide services for rail freight, intercity passenger rail, commuter rail and industrial installations. Our expertise ranges from preliminary planning and feasibility studies through final design, construction inspection and operations