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Retail & Food

The Sansom Street Oyster House Exterior Front Philadelphia Pa

The Sansom Street Oyster House, Philadelphia, PA

What We Do

Bergmann has a strong tradition in the retail sector, working with merchandise, restaurant and grocery retailers. We have provided retail grocery store, distribution center, cold and refrigerated storage and food preparation facility design services for more than 20 years. Bergmann experience also includes noteworthy work with full-service chain retailers, banks and convenience stores across the country. Bergmann has architects, interior designers, landscape architects, civil engineers, planners and entitlement permitting professionals who offer design, program management, program roll-out, custom design, site-adaptation, national roll-outs, remodels, re-branding, acquisitions and entitlement services for retail customers. Our professionals are flexible and ready to meet the demands of a market that is constantly evolving.

Retail & Food Service Offerings

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We work with retailers to determine the essence of their brand and design innovative environments that capture that brand’s character. Bergmann’s portfolio of retail and commercial work includes a diverse representation of architectural styles, each selected to meet the unique needs of the client. Bergmann professionals enable our clients to develop a unique expression in a competitive landscape. Our designs are both eye catching and award winning.

Bergmann professionals have extensive expertise in the retail and food markets. For those clients considering a single facility or a program of multiple locations, Bergmann is the partner who will work with you from the project development stage to find the right locations, take advantage of economic incentives and help you understand zoning requirements. Our professionals can deploy a prototype design program or create a custom space. In both cases, Bergmann experts will help you understand the local marketplace and culture to fit in seamlessly. Our construction management experts will keep your projects on time and within budget. And once your space is occupied, Bergmann can help you manage your assets and maximize their long-term value.

Bergmann engineers are some of the most knowledgeable and trusted professionals in their respective specialties. From our building structural engineering specialists to our M/E/P (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) experts, Bergmann is prepared to deliver on every aspect of a retail project. Bergmann professionals also understand the need for cost effective energy solutions that balance economic, social and environmental considerations.

As a full-service, multi-disciplinary design firm, Bergmann is able to seamlessly develop, implement and promote collaborative strategies that protect natural habitats and encourage urban redevelopment. We continually investigate the adaptive reuse of existing structures, innovative energy efficient design practices, and commissioning services for new and existing building systems. Bergmann professionals believe in creating a more sustainable world by design.