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Science, Technology & Industry

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Customized Solutions for Specialized Industries

Science is what our clients do. They use science to embark on discovery and development of products that will benefit society. To do so they require highly technical facilities that support the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of these products for patients, caregivers and customers. Our team of architects and engineers are inspired by the broader good of these projects and are deeply committed to supporting our clients’ success.

From the development of new materials to discovery of miraculous therapies, from heavy industries that deliver building materials for shelter to clean production operations growing cells as life-saving medicines, the facilities that deliver these essential products are each unique, complex, technical and regulated. They are also expensive and time-consuming to design and build.

What We Do

At Bergmann, we appreciate the significance of ‘unique’ and take time to understand what that means to each client and each project. Our experts know the priorities and preferences of stakeholders, whether they come from their business plan, specific initiatives driving a therapeutic target or product, or their design standards. Only by knowing our client's fundamental definition of success for each project can we apply the knowledge and imagination that will ensure we deliver a project that meets their most important goals.

Beyond the services required to design and document these complex facilities, we assist our clients in reconciling the goals of the various stakeholders within their organization – and on the project team. The often-competing priorities must be understood during the design phases and challenged in a way to align them to ensure the overall goals of the business are achieved, all while staying on budget and schedule.

Our Science, Technology and Industry (STI) team includes planners, architects and engineers who are skilled at navigating and managing the project's business needs, while performing the fundamental services required to design and document each project. Plus, with Bergmann’s multi-disciplinary team of 450+ professionals, the core STI team can be supplemented with experts in a broad range of specialties and highly focused disciplines to ensure all aspects of the design and construction of a project are appropriately addressed.

Science, Technology and Industry Core Service Offerings

  • Programming & Planning
  • Laboratory Planning
  • Architecture & Interior Design
  • Engineering, Building
  • Site Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • 3D Rendering / Graphic Visualization

Practice Leadership

The Science Technology and Industry practice is led by a talented group of architects and engineers with decades of combined experience.