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Cannibis hemp optimized

Planning for Tomorrow, Today.

The use of cannabinoids for therapeutic and other consumer products is growing and regulatory agencies are slowly finding ways to address the need to protect public health. Approval for use and guidance on production of these products is progressing within the patchwork of state and federal laws. Lacking clear guidance makes planning to deliver what may become useful and routine products exceptionally challenging.

From the point of view that cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds are likely to offer significant therapeutic value when defined and used properly, Bergmann's architects and engineers apply their expertise to deliver to clients facilities expected to comply with regulations when they are released.

With decades of experience providing planning and design services to clients in pharmaceutical, biotech and manufacturing industries, Bergmann's team of experts know the regulations that will apply to each stage of the production process - growing, extraction, processing, packaging and how to accommodate or anticipate them in a facility - that will evolve significantly over time. Without clear regulatory guidance, a thorough exploration of the range of options and issues is needed to decide on the most appropriate investment strategy. Our approach - to define options that ensure an unbiased assessment of priorities - has proven effective on numerous projects.

As with other markets our Science, Technology & Industry team serves, the infrastructure of a cannabis facility is critical on day-one, but must be robust and flexible enough to accommodate operations well into the future. Our experience across these high-tech markets gives our team the knowledge to balance the unique requirements of each facility and present options and recommendations well suited to each project.

The highly competitive and sensitive nature of these business operations is something we value, respecting our clients' desire for confidentiality throughout our working relationship.

Cannabis & Hemp Solutions

  • Grow Facilities
  • Extraction and Processing
  • Packaging
  • Dispensaries (supported by our Commercial Practice group)