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Life science optimized

Enhancing Life with Technology

It has been said that the greatest accomplishment of the 20th Century wasn’t flight or television or computers, but the increase in life expectancy. While there are differences in gender, nationality, race and other factors, society as a whole saw a 60%+ increase in life expectancy for those born in 2000 as opposed to those born in 1900. Obviously, drugs, including significant vaccines, have been a primary contributor to the increase in longevity, but the very broad "life sciences industry" delivers diagnostic testing, medical devices and numerous components and materials used in combination with these important products. These are the tools our medical professionals rely on to deliver the life sustaining and enhancing care we all have come to rely on.

Beyond our extensive experience with labs and production facilities for pharmaceutical and biotech medicines, our architects and engineers have experience in clinical labs and pharmacies and, as with other life science labs, understand the flows, regulations and hazards to ensure efficient and safe operations.

In addition, our experience includes facilities that deliver medical devices as well as materials and components used in products created by life science companies, While a broad range of products, the common thread in all the facilities is they are regulated in making the products for human health and well-being. We apply our knowledge and imagination to propose appropriate solutions for each project and client and these solutions ensure pleasant workplaces because we never forget to address the well-being of the people who work in these facilities.

Life Sciences Services

  • Planning
  • R&D Laboratories
  • cGMP Production
  • Diagnostic / Clinical Testing
  • Medical Devices
  • Unique Medical Delivery Technology