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Critical Facilities for Remarkable Materials

The operations and environments for manufacturing facilities are advanced, critical, and, in many cases, highly regulated. This is true across industries and products, from roofing materials to highly specialized materials for distinct markets and biopharma products. Bergmann's experience with this range of facilities gives our team of architects and engineers the knowledge to focus on each clients’ unique programmatic requirements and design a facility to meet these needs, assisting with the alignment of priorities where necessary to maintain budget, schedule and quality goals.

The infrastructure of advanced manufacturing facilities must be robust to ensure that production operations or building systems providing the appropriate, and often critical, environments are not interrupted. The infrastructure must be a dynamic asset since the investment is significant, the life expectancy is viewed in terms of decades and change will happen. Designing efficient systems that are flexible and expandable – as well as cost effective – is always a challenge. Our design process presents various options addressing these issues with all stakeholders to ensure that the final design provides the best solution for each project.

Materials Manufacturing Solutions

  • Building Materials
  • Coatings
  • Specialty Materials
  • Semiconductor