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Pharma optimized

The Origin of Medicines

Traditional small molecule compounds remain an essential product for delivering effective medicines to improve health and quality of life. The process to discover, develop, and produce effective and safe medicines, however, continues to evolve with pressures on costs, production efficiency, regulations keeping up with new technologies and process timeframes, as well as ‘flexibility’ and ‘sustainability’ goals.

Decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry has given Bergmann's architects and engineers the knowledge and perspective to collaborate with all stakeholders on a project to address their highest priority goals. Our ability to develop innovative solutions to meet operational requirements and quality goals within cost parameters enables the project team to stay on schedule and deliver critical facilities to meet the business drivers.

Similar to the biotech market we serve, the solutions we provide range from the strategic planning of resources, people and facilities, to master planning of campuses to design, documentation and construction of the facilities. Frequently, projects are renovations of laboratories or production facilities in “legacy buildings.” As a result, we are highly skilled in designing renovations within existing buildings around operations that cannot be disturbed by construction. In these situations, construction logistics must be part of the design solution. This mindset is the foundation of our approach and benefits our clients on both renovation or fit-out projects, as well as on greenfield projects.

Pharmaceutical Solutions

  • Program and Planning
  • Laboratories
  • Animal Facilities
  • Scale-up / Pilot Plants
  • Containment
  • Cleanrooms
  • cGMP Production
  • Packaging
  • Warehousing