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Diverging Diamond Interchange Aerial View Auburn Hills MI optimized

What We Do

Bergmann was founded in 1980 with a focus on the Transportation market. Over the past four decades, the firm evolved to provide full-service bridge development, rail & transit solutions, as well as road & highway design. As a result, we have an extensive portfolio of efficient, safe and aesthetically attractive transportation projects that respect the culture of our local communities. We have delivered historic bridge enhancements, complex interchanges, traffic impact assessments and safe railways for freight and passenger service.

Transportation Service Offerings

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Bergmann maintains an experienced, full-time construction engineering, management and inspection staff for both public and private transportation projects. We assist our clients through the construction process whether the project is a large interstate interchange or a small rural bridge. Our staff has the federal and state certifications required by various state DOTs, as well as public and private agencies.

Infrastructure projects bring cities, states and communities together. These project can include city streets with new waterlines and utilities, railroads that cross the country or bridges that cross major rivers and other waterways. Bergmann infrastructure engineers can help analyze and plan for the traffic, noise and safety while creating a solution that complements the surroundings. Working with Bergmann engineers on a Transportation project is a true community partnership.

Bergmann professionals design transportation projects so that impacts to the environment are minimal. We understand how to prepare and negotiate permits for both the benefit of the community and the client. Bergmann professionals deliver solutions that swiftly gain approval from both the community and regulatory agencies.

Bergmann planning and landscape architecture professionals are experts in effective land use and community-based transportation planning, public outreach and environmental compliance. Our team employs techniques such as build-out analyses, travel demand forecasting and alternatives analysis to ensure that future transportation improvements are appropriate and safe. At the individual site level, we routinely work with clients to design the appropriate roadway, intersection and signal improvements necessary to mitigate the impacts of proposed developments.