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Route 240 Bridge over Cattaraugus Creek, Ashford & Concord NY

Route 240 Bridge over Cattaraugus Creek, Ashford & Concord, NY

Bergmann is a leader in keeping our nation's bridges safe and functional. Our bridge engineers leverage years of design experience across a broad range of bridge types and sizes.  From inspection and load rating of existing structures to the design of new complex structures, Bergmann is improving bridges while reducing the long-term cost of maintaining these critical assets. Our professionals also understand that bridge solutions need to meet cost and schedule requirements.

Bergmann Bridges Solutions:

  • Steel Trusses
  • Masonry Arch
  • Long Span Structures
  • Movable Structures
  • Freight Rail Bridges
  • Rail Transit Structures
  • Custom Pedestrian Bridges
  • Historic Structures