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Roads & Highways

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Bergmann highway engineers, planners and landscape architects recognize the need for innovation in road design while putting safety and the quality of life of travelers first. Bergmann’s engineers design a wide range of highway and road projects. We'll rework a downtown city street or completely redesign an urban expressway interchange. Our traffic engineers are experts in travel demand forecasting, traffic planning and state-of-the-art traffic modeling, as well as the design and operation of traffic signal systems. We strive to improve all aspects of infrastructure to move people and goods safely and efficiently within our communities.

Bergmann Roads & Highways Solutions:

  • Urban & rural roadway design
  • Interstate highways & interchanges
  • Traffic engineering/ITS
  • Signature corridor enhancements
  • Context sensitive streetscapes
  • Environmental analysis/NEPA
  • Toll facilities
  • Highway safety
  • Parking