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Warehousing & Distribution

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What we do

Bergmann's team of architecture and engineering experts understand the unique and complex needs of warehousing and distribution, having designed over 18 million square feet of facilities. On every project, from initial programming services through construction and project startup, we focus on quality communications with project stakeholders.

Our experience spans manufacturing, warehousing, and large vehicle maintenance facilities for clients nationally and internationally, and includes both non-perishable (dry goods) facilities and perishable (refrigerated/freezer) projects. We create warehouse designs that maximize capacity and efficiency while reducing operating costs and work closely with clients from concept to construction to create customized, cost-effective solutions that meet their goals.

Warehousing & Distribution Service Offerings

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Bergmann provides architectural solutions for warehousing and distribution clients. Our designers work together with an in-house, multi-disciplinary team to design new buildings, renovate current structures or redevelop other types of buildings into warehousing and distribution facilities. Our team of designers, engineers and planners understands the logistics, distribution principles and other critical processes needed to ensure a successful design for the warehousing and distribution market.

Bergmann Client Management Services understands the unique needs of warehousing and distribution facilities. These facilities that house either non-perishable dry goods or refrigerated products have to be designed to detailed specifications, as well as to accommodate the transportation needed to distribute products effectively. Bergmann helps our clients choose the right location and select either an existing facility or design a new building. As a full service firm, we can also plan for traffic flow and understand the long-term impact of the facility in the Planning and Design phase. Our multi-disciplinary team will design a solution to house and maintain your products cost effectively and using the most up-to-date technology for climate controls. Long-term, we can help you maintain the value and durability of your facility with operational and asset management plans.

Bergmann regularly executes a range of engineering services for warehousing and distribution clients including structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, plumbing engineering, electrical engineering and lighting design. Bergmann professionals also understand the need for realistic site development, cost-effective design solutions to reduce the cost and environmental impact of energy usage in building engineering. Substantial savings for buildings can often be realized by identifying low-cost operational improvements, which your Bergmann team will recommend.

When introducing a new warehousing and distribution facility to a community or increasing the capacity of a current one, the impact to local traffic is an important consideration. Bergmann professionals provide traffic planning analysis as well as state-of-the-art modeling to assess existing operations and predict future conditions at specific locations. We apply our expertise in traffic forecasting, as well as the design and operation of traffic signal systems to improve functionality and ensure people and goods are moved safely and efficiently.

Bergmann landscape architects will provide unified site designs that bridge developed and natural environments creating beautiful designs that are technically and environmentally sound. Throughout the process, we make site visits and conduct background research investigating environmental and cultural conditions that will impact the design. Our proposed designs integrate the needs of our client with the preservation of the site’s cultural and historic resources.

Bergmann professionals are committed to balancing economic, social and environmental considerations in pursuit of a more sustainable world. As a full-service, multi-disciplinary design firm, we are able to seamlessly develop, implement and promote collaborative strategies that protect natural habitats and encourage urban redevelopment. We continually investigate the adaptive reuse of existing structures, innovative energy efficient design practices, and commissioning services for new and existing building systems. Bergmann professionals believe in creating a more sustainable world by design.