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Waterways & Water Resources

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What We Do

Bergmann is a recognized national leader in the design of waterway structures from the rehabilitation of existing locks, to new dam spillways and storm water pumping stations. We handle projects from initial investigation and concept design, through final design and construction services. Bergmann professionals offer an extensive range of water resource planning and design experience, flood risk management, dam safety and environmental compliance.

Waterways & Water Resources Service Offerings

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Waterway projects require special knowledge and experience to assess risk and anticipate challenges during construction. The oversight of construction services including documentation, project management and partner selection are critically important to the success of waterway and water resources programs. Bergmann maintains an experienced, full-time construction engineering, management and inspection staff for both public and private projects.

Our multi-disciplinary staff of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers, combine their skills to provide services in both the design and construction phase for building projects including pumping stations and waterfront facilities. Bergmann professionals also understand the need for realistic, cost-effective engineering solutions that promote sustainability.

The design of waterways and related structures is a specialty of Bergmann infrastructure engineering professionals. Our team of experts has extensive experience with locks, dams, gates and cofferdams. From initial concept through project completion, Bergmann professionals will be developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of the client and optimize the opportunities of the waterway.

Quality environmental design is an important part of the process to ensure that water resources projects supply clean water to communities. Bergmann brings critical thinking to the agency permitting and design requirement process for waterway and water resources projects. Bergmann’s Energy and Environmental team has in-depth experience completing a wide variety of public and private sector projects.