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Lock E-26 Dam Tainter Gate Replacement, Clyde NY

Lock E-26 Dam Tainter Gate Replacement, Clyde, NY

Bergmann professionals help dam owners inspect, analyze, design and construct new dam structures as well as rehabilitate, modify and replace existing ones. We help dam owners find innovative and cost effective solutions to their dam structure needs including the use of in-the-wet construction methods to eliminate costly cofferdams and reduce impacts to navigation and the environmental impacts. Our designs include both fixed crest and gated dams employing masonry, concrete, steel and wood and are located on rivers, canals, lakes or reservoirs. Our projects are designed to decrease total construction time and to be cost effective.

Bergmann Dam Solutions

  • Asset management and inspections
  • Engineering assessments
  • In-the-wet construction methods
  • Environmental permitting and design
  • Hydrology and hydraulic analyses