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Brooks Landing Public Waterfront Project 2 optimized

Bergmann provides a wide range of in-house capabilities for waterfront facilities projects. Our experts in planning, architecture and engineering offer highly specialized services to meet each client's needs. We investigate, analyze, plan and design both from the water side and land side of each project. Bergmann professionals also provide construction and contractor services for waterfront projects. We provide project support services including landscape & historic architecture, land & marine surveys, hydraulic and hydrology analysis/modeling, as well as GIS services and 3D Design.

Bergmann Waterfront Facilities Solutions:

  • ADA accessibility guidelines compliant facilities
  • Breakwaters
  • Bulkheads
  • Cellular cofferdams
  • Ice resistant structures
  • Fixed and floating dock systems
  • Mooring and fender systems
  • Piers and wharves
  • Revetments and shore protection systems
  • Waterfront lighting and utilities
  • Waterfront trails
  • Wetland mitigation