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Bergmann Celebrates 40 Years

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2020 is a special milestone for Bergmann, marking our 40th year in business bringing inspiration to our clients and communities.

In 1980, Don Bergmann, Brian Dougherty, John Murray and Gary Olin founded a civil and transportation design company with a focus on client success, excellence and innovation. They created an environment where people realized their potential and could apply themselves creatively, pushing boundaries and providing innovative solutions for client projects. This mindset is the foundation of Bergmann’s success to this day, focusing on the firm’s five core values of People, Integrity & Ethics, Service, Teamwork & Collaboration and Excellence.

Now, in its 40th year, Bergmann continues to be a trusted advisor to clients across the country, providing critical support and advisement on projects that have a positive and lasting impact on communities and society as a whole.

To all of our employees, clients and partners, thank you for your dedication and for putting your trust in us throughout the years. Cheers to 40 more!