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Bergmann Dam Experts Contribute to the 2022 Report Card for New York’s Infrastructure

DATE: August 1, 2022

Jason Babcock-Stiner, Marketing Lead

Jason Babcock-Stiner, AICP

Marketing Lead

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Bergmann played a significant role in developing this report card, including the development of the entire Dam Safety section.

National architecture, engineering and planning firm Bergmann’s Ken Avery, James Guistina, Greg Johnson, Lisa Dolphin and Claire Brady were authors and contributors for the Dam Safety section of the 2022 Report Card for New York’s Infrastructure. According to the report, New York’s dams are significantly older than those across the US, with a growing number of High Hazard dams. “After thorough assessments, we know more about these High Hazard dams’ risks, but unfortunately, the current funding is inadequate for full mitigation,” shared the report.

Released every year by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Report Card for New York’s Infrastructure assesses 11 categories including aviation, bridges, dams, drinking water, public parks, ports, rail, roads, transit, solid waste and wastewater. The Report Card was created as a public service to citizens and politicians of the state to inform them of the infrastructure needs in their community. By using school report card letter grades, civil engineers have used their expertise to condense complicated data into easy-to-understand analysis.