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Bergmann-designed upgrade and expansion at Blue Cross Arena completes Phase I

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On June 15, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren announced that the first phase of the 4,500-square-foot expansion project of the Blue Cross Arena at the Rochester War Memorial was complete.

National architecture, engineering and planning firm Bergmann, working in conjunction with the City of Rochester and Pegula Sports & Entertainment, provided lavatory and audio-visual upgrades, office renovations and construction of a new locker room, as well as an expansion in the concession area as part of Phase I of the project. The project includes full mechanical, electrical, plumbing services.

Originally constructed in the 1950s in the heart of Rochester, the Blue Cross Arena is home to the Rochester Americans AHL hockey team and the Rochester Knighthawks NLL lacrosse team. The arena also hosts many special events, shows and concerts throughout the year.

From 1996 to 1998, the arena underwent a major renovation and expansion. More than 20 years later, the Blue Cross Arena is undergoing another set of major renovations as part of the ROC the Riverway initiative, aimed at fueling Rochester’s local economy and better leveraging the value of the City’s riverfront. Bergmann is playing a central role in both planning and design services for the City of Rochester as it implements more than two dozen projects comprising ROC the Riverway.

Following a ribbon cutting ceremony, the City’s news release stated, “The Phase 1 completion positions the facility for the second phase of renovations set to begin next year. That phase will re-define the BCA’s river terrace on the west side of the facility to enhance its connection to the Genesee River, raise the visibility of the War Memorial’s Eternal Flame; and complement other ROC the Riverway projects including a re-purposed Broad Street Aqueduct and improvements at the Convention Center and Rundel Library.” Read the full release here.


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