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Bergmann Becomes One of the 1st Arch-Eng-Plan (AEP) Firms in NYS Authorized to Fly UAS / Drones

DATE: April 11, 2016

Media Contact

Jason Babcock-Stiner, Marketing Lead

Jason Babcock-Stiner, AICP

Marketing Lead

Regional Location

Northeast, Atlantic & Midwest

Todd Heckaman, Drone

Todd Heckaman, Drone

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Bergmann Associates a Section 333 exemption to fly Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) / drones commercially in the United States as of March 31st, 2016. The certificate of authorization allows for the operation of UAs at or below 400 feet above ground level (AGL) for the purposes of conducting aerial data collection related to architecture, land surveying and engineering services. Bergmann Associates, headquartered in Rochester, NY, is one of the first architecture / engineering / planning firms headquartered in New York State to be issued a Section 333 exemption (according to publicly available FAA registration records).

Bergmann Associates originally petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration for a section 333 exemption in September of 2015. Bergmann owns three primary unmanned aircraft, all of which have been registered with the FAA, issued tail numbers, and are authorized for Bergmann’s use.

Bergmann is also collaborating with NUAIR Alliance at the former Griffiss Air Force Base (one of the FAA-designated UAS testing and training facilities in Rome, NY) to gather test data and receive guidance on best practices and safety when operating in the National Airspace System. "It's been our privilege to welcome the Bergmann professionals to the Griffiss Test Site," said Tony Basile, NUAIR Alliance Director of Operations. "This collaboration provided the Bergmann team an opportunity to perfect their UAS skills and also gave us vital data that will be used by the Federal Aviation Administration to inform its rules for safe UAS operations in the National Airspace System." Bergmann's Todd Heckaman was recently designated with a Mission Commander status after a successful set of proving flights.

Bergmann will be utilizing high precision survey equipment as well as laser scanners to maximize efficiency and accuracy. These reality capture techniques will better assist in understanding how UA derived data can be used to produce georeferenced aerials and digital surface models.


About Bergmann

For nearly four decades, Bergmann architects, engineers and planners have been delivering results to clients across the United States and Canada. This team of more than 400 professional and technical staff spans the Northeast, Midwest and Atlantic regions. Bergmann develops connections with partners and communities to create dynamic, creative solutions that will stand the test of time, while promoting environmental and functional sustainability. Projects in the Bergmann portfolio range from major buildings and commercial developments to critical transportation infrastructure and community planning.