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Bergmann Named a Preferred Provider for Grant Writing Services by the ASLRRA

DATE: July 9, 2018

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Jason Babcock-Stiner, Marketing Lead

Jason Babcock-Stiner, AICP

Marketing Lead

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ASLRRA Preferred Provider Grant Writing Program

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Genesee Arch Bridge / Portageville Bridge Replacement, Portageville NY

Genesee Arch Bridge / Portageville Bridge Replacement, Portageville NY

Based on its extensive experience and success in helping railroad clients apply for federal and state funding programs, Bergmann is one of just three firms initially selected by the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association (ASLRRA) as a Preferred Provider of grant application services. The national architecture, engineering and planning firm will support ASLRRA member railroads in the submission of grant applications for programs currently available from the Department of Transportation (DOT) and other sources.

Many grants available to railroads, such as the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) and the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development, or “BUILD” discretionary grants program, formerly known as TIGER, have recently been funded for FY18 and have a very short window for submission of applications.

“The FY18 transportation appropriations bill provided unprecedented funding levels, with $1.5 billion in BUILD grants vs. $500 million in FY17, and $592 million in CRISI grants vs. $300 million in FY17,” said Linda Bauer Darr, president of ASLRRA. “Our new Preferred Provider Grant Writing Center will ensure that our members are well prepared to take advantage of these funding opportunities, which can be used to maintain safe track and grow services to customers or to meet the mandate to comply with PTC.”

Bergmann’s grant-writing capabilities encompass all phases of the application process, including environmental support services, permitting, preliminary engineering, cost estimating, cost-benefit analysis, and any other elements unique to a particular grant program. The firm works with any size railway and transit company under any classification, including freight, passenger, industrial and commuter.

“Grant applications are not one-size-fits-all—the process is time intensive and time sensitive with tight deadlines. Our experience and expertise allow us to work efficiently and economically to meet the needs of each railroad and the requirements of each grant,” said Carmen Garozzo, rail practice leader for Bergmann. “We’re proud to support ASLRRA members and all rail and transit companies in their efforts to gain funding for projects that will improve the safety and efficiency of their rails.”

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For nearly four decades, Bergmann architects, engineers and planners have been delivering results to clients across the United States and Canada. This team of more than 400 professional and technical staff spans the Northeast, Midwest and Atlantic regions. Bergmann develops connections with partners and communities to create dynamic, creative solutions that will stand the test of time, while promoting environmental and functional sustainability. Projects in the Bergmann portfolio range from signature buildings and commercial developments to critical transportation infrastructure and community planning.