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Bergmann Releases Findings of Workplace Trends Survey

DATE: August 31, 2020

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A poll of 80 business decision-makers across New York conducted by Bergmann shows that 70 percent of organizations are considering offering flexible work schedules going forward. A likely reason: among the 62 percent of respondents who stated their organization’s current primary work style is working remotely, only 22 percent reported that productivity decreased, 22 percent said it increased, and 55 percent indicated productivity stayed about the same.

Results indicate that trends in flexible work may vary by company size, with 60% of respondents with less than 50 employees, and 81% of respondents with more than 50 employees, considering flexible work arrangements. This was the only question within the poll that showed a notable difference between

While more people will likely have the option of working remotely, that doesn’t mean offices will go away or even be reduced. 66% percent of respondents stated they’re not considering a decrease in the size of their current office space. Along those lines, 88 percent of respondents said that a physical office space is somewhat or very important to their employees’ ability to achieve business goals.

Download the report here.


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