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Bergmann’s Solar Team Repurposes Landfill as Solar System in Central NY

Gloversville Project

Bergmann’s solar discipline team, part of the firm’s Energy + Environment Practice, is embarking on a unique project in the Town of Johnstown, New York, repurposing an existing landfill as a solar farm. The project includes the installation of over 17,000 ground mounted photovoltaic panels on approximately 8.12 acres of a capped land fill. The project site is comprised of existing open fields, with undeveloped land bordering the study area to the east, north, and west and NY State Highway 29A and residential properties to the south.

Bergmann is performing engineering, environmental and permitting services for the project, contacted by Ameresco, a national energy company located in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The site is scheduled to be substantially completed by the end of October. Ameresco has estimated the project will save the city about $1.88 million on electricity costs over 20 years, factoring in land lease payments. Savings in the first year of the project are estimated at $97,934. Of the power generated by the project, 40 percent will be sold to the City of Gloversville for municipal buildings and utilities, completely meeting the city’s current usage rates. The remaining 60 percent of solar energy will be sold at a reduced rate to the City or other nearby residents who subscribe to the program.

Bergmann’s Energy + Environment practice continues to see growth opportunities in solar, as the alternate energy source increases in popularity. To date the firm has completed 68 solar projects for communities across New York State, in addition to numerous projects in neighboring states. Learn more about solar farms and common misconceptions in this Insights by Bergmann podcast episode featuring Eric Redding, Solar Discipline Leader.


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