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Building Resilience: Workplace solutions for today and tomorrow

K Jahn 003


New York - Interior Architecture and Design Discipline Lead

(585) 498-7816

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Short- and long-term solutions for building resilience into your workplace.

Many businesses are considering updates to welcome employees and customers back safely. You're likely focused on immediate needs, but should take this time to think about what your workplace can and should look like in the future. While there are a lot of unknowns, one thing we do know is this pandemic will not be the last disruptive event businesses will face.

As you weigh the needs of your business, our resilient design team recommends planning your updates in two simple categories: updates for today and updates for tomorrow.

  • Updates for today are immediate solutions that will enhance the health and safety of your spaces as people return. The ones outlined here are impactful and aligned with known health and safety best practices, while being cost-effective.
  • Updates for tomorrow are more strategic modifications that may require budgetary considerations and longer-term planning. However, these will contribute to more resilient environments and experiences for all involved.

As always, it's important that any upgrades consider both what is required by the government by way of executive orders and code compliance, and what is best for your people and culture.