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Coffee with a CEO: Pietro (Pete) Giovenco's Interview with The Smith Consulting Group

Date: January 6, 2021

Coffee with CEO Pete Giovenco

At the start of 2021 Bergmann's President and CEO, Pietro (Pete) Giovenco sat down with Juli Smith, President of The Smith Consulting Group, for their "Coffee with a CEO" interview series.

Pete reflects on his upbringing as a son of Italian immigrants and how his first job at his family's pizza shop gave him foundational skills that he still leans on today. He also shares advice for his younger self and other starting out in the A/E/C industry. One of the pieces of advice? Don't take professional shortcuts as you advance in this industry.

"There are no shortcuts- you have to earn your stripes. I worked hard early on to perfect my craft. I have seen a lot of young engineers want to jump right in to become a project manager and they don’t have the time to really earn their stripes. Don’t try to skip rungs on the ladder. It’s okay to think big and long-term, but you have to earn your dues."

Read the full interview here.

Our thanks to Juli and the entire team at SCG for their partnership and inviting Pete for coffee and conversation!