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Commercial real estate industry experts discuss business reopenings via Rochester Business Journal

DATE: July 1, 2020

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“We’ve heard everything from downsizing, to creating a mix of in-person workers and remote workers, to staying the same but allocating more space for each employee, to reallocating space where the office is for collaboration and team-based work."

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold, business leaders are forced to grapple with tough decisions that put the health of their employees, clients and guests first. Will businesses continue to work from home? Will they head back into the office?

Bergmann's Kelly Jahn, interior architect and design discipline leader, along with other commercial real estate experts discuss what the future of these spaces could look like in a recent feature from the Rochester Business Journal, offering an inside look at what we can expect in the upcoming months.

“We have some clients starting to look at the long-term, but for the most part it seems like most companies are holding off on downsizing,” Jahn said. “There’s definitely synergy from being in the shared workplace. Some companies are now saying, ‘We’re a collaborative-based company; we want our employees in the office.’ I think it will take time to play out. What’s good for one company won’t work for another.”

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