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Committed to Our Clients

Giovenco P resume

A message from Pete Giovenco, President and CEO of Bergmann

Since my last message only 11 days ago, the world has changed at a rapid pace. And it will continue to do so. At Bergmann, we are fortunate to have a great team of skilled professionals that allow us to adapt quickly. We have literally changed our entire business model in one week in an effort to maintain our world class service to our clients.

Complying with all local, state and federal requirements, Bergmann has moved nearly its entire workforce to a Work From Home status. Starting 40 years ago under the leadership of our founder, Donald J. Bergmann, our firm has always been on the leading edge of technology. Today those investments in people and technology are allowing us to remain “Open for Business”.

The team here at Bergmann takes a tremendous amount of pride in providing our clients incredible service while maintaining a high level of quality in the work we produce. We’re taking on the challenge of continuing this tradition, and we will not look for excuses. OUR PEOPLE are resilient, innovative and proud, and I have incredible confidence in our ability to perform, even under these current conditions.

So as the world continues to change, one thing will remain the same, our commitment to you and your project.

Please practice social distancing and together, while apart, we will make a difference.


Pietro (Pete) Giovenco

President and CEO, Bergmann