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Design experts offer tips to maximize productivity as we continue to work from home via Rochester Business Journal

DATE: May 8, 2020

Lefebvre S resume

Suzanne Lefebvre

Project Interior Designer

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Rochester, NY
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"When work from home became the new abnormal, a significant percentage of people simply carved out a temporary space in the house and called it their office."

As we continue to adjust to our new schedules, there's much that can be done to maximize productivity in our new home offices. Choosing a room with good lighting and natural elements are just a few key tips, whether your office is in a spare bedroom, the dining room or a designated space.

Bergmann's Suzanne Lefebvre, a project interior designer, and Edge Architecture president and CEO Allen Rossignol offer recommendations to make the most of our new work spaces in a feature from the Rochester Business Journal, shedding light on small tips to get more work done throughout the day.

“No matter what the size of the space is, comfort is key — both cognitive and physical,” Lefebvre said. “A good work-from-home space should be based around wellbeing, which will reduce stress and contribute to an increase in focus and creativity.”

Thank you to the RBJ for this feature!