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Riding a wave of innovation over the next 40 years

Date: January 1, 2020

Pietro Pete V Giovenco Bergmann President and CEO

Bidding farewell to 2020, Bergmann's President and CEO, Pietro (Pete) Giovenco, sat down with the Rochester Business Journal's Kevin Oklobzija to discuss the future of the firm.

The discussion reflected on the past year and looked ahead to Bergmann’s plan to “ride a wave of innovation over the next 40 years.” How will that be accomplished? By hiring and looking for people open to change, innovation and embracing new technologies. Bergmann isn’t looking to grow for the sake of becoming larger, but to add value and a competitive edge that keeps recurring clients coming back and new ones coming in.

“Architects and engineers are still vital parts of the future with respect to creating places and the concept of design,” Giovenco said. “It’s now really the intellectual backbone of these designs that are going to create needs of special skills in communications, technology, the Internet of Things.”’