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Transformation of Rochester, New York’s Inner Loop North featured in Center for New Urbanism 2021 Report

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The Inner Loop in Rochester, NY, is one of 15 highways featured in the Center for New Urbanism’s Freeways Without Futures 2021 Report. The report highlights the stories of highways across America that have left challenging legacies, and the resilience of residents, government officials and activists fighting to make positive change happen.

The report highlights critical work of the Inner Loop North Transformation Study, of which Bergmann is playing a leading role. A multi-discipline team is in the process of evaluating possibilities for removing the northern section of the highway and developing a new design that is more beneficial for community residents. The scope of work includes urban planning and design, community and stakeholder engagement, and transportation engineering and design services.

“Rochester’s success with the Inner Loop East garnered national attention. With the removal of the Inner Loop North, the city has the opportunity to once again be at the forefront of the Highways to Boulevards movement…If Rochester follows through on these commitments, it will be a model for future highway removal projects prioritizing equity.” Freeways Without Futures 2021, page 15.

The Inner Loop North Study is the second phase in the Inner Loop transformation, which started with redesign and reconstruction of the eastern portion in 2017. These efforts are all part of the City of Rochester’s goals to reconnect communities, encourage sustainable growth and create a more livable Downtown.

“The removal of the Inner Loop North is an important continuation of the City’s efforts to repair the damage that was done when the highway was first built 60+ years ago," stated Andrew Raus, Senior Vice President, Bergmann. “The highway’s creation disproportionately disrupted neighborhoods of color. The work we’re doing today will have a lasting impact, giving back land to development and parks throughout the entire corridor that will transform neighborhoods and create opportunities for future community and economic growth.”