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Amtrak Bridge Inspections & Load Rating




Michigan Department of Transportation

Project Location

Dearborn to Kalamazoo, MI

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Bridges Rail & Transit

Bergmann Location

Lansing, MI
Amtrak Bridge Inspections and Load Rating

Amtrak Bridge Inspections and Load Rating

In-depth bridge inspections and load rating for Amtrak rail bridges and culverts between Jackson and Dearborn, MI.

After the State of Michigan purchased the rail line extending from Kalamazoo to Dearborn from the Norfolk Southern Railway, the state contracted with Amtrak to operate and maintain the line. Amtrak desired a baseline inspection and load rating for all of the rail bridges along the Michigan Line. As a sub-consultant, Bergmann conducted in-depth inspections for approximately 30 rail bridges and culverts between Jackson and Dearborn.

Amtrak guidelines and inventory forms were completed and a load rating was performed for each structure. After inspecting and rating the structures, Bergmann prepared bridge inspection reports for each structure including a summary of the findings, photos, inspection forms, sketches, recommended work and prioritized repairs.

Project Highlights

  • 16 under-grade bridge structures
  • 17 culvert structures
  • Prepared special detailed inspection reports and load rating analysis for each structure