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ArcFlash Coordination Studies & Thermography Evaluations

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Bergmann provided ArcFlash services to 20 sites throughout the United States.

Projects involved extensive documentation of the existing power systems at each building with local electricians. The company is considered light industrial with floor plans ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 SF. Floor plans were created to show each point that would require labels. This was necessary to understand the wiring lengths between points in the system. SKM software was used to build each building's power systems and evaluate the system components. Labels, produced in-house, were adhered in the field along with adjustments to circuit breakers for proper coordination. Short circuit study reports were distributed and an onsite Arc Flash safety training was conducted by Bergmann. Thermography was conducted during the field investigation phase with the local electrical contractors. The final report included photos that documented current and potential “hot spots”, along with remediation recommendations.

Project Highlights

  • 20 Sites throughout US
  • Extensive Documentation of existing system with little or no as built documentation
  • Relied heavily on operators for field information
  • Varying complexities and square footages at each location
  • Complex custom machinery with various power feeds to each
  • 1-hour Live Training session provided at the facility