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Black River Watershed Management Plan


Lewis County

Project Location

Lewis County, NY

Black River Watershed Management Plan Northern Ny

A comprehensive analysis and plan for the area in and around Lewis County to restore and manage the Black River Watershed.

Bergmann was selected to complete the Black River Watershed Management Plan for Lewis County in upstate New York. This multi-county effort focused on ranking and prioritizing sub-watershed conditions and then identifying strategies for watershed restoration and management. The plan included public education and involvement opportunities ranging from traditional informational meetings and workshops to in-field environmental education classes. The project team produced a GIS based watershed analysis tool that has the capacity to identify how impacts or improvements will affect the watershed.

Project Highlights

  • Combined water resource engineering and planning services
  • Engaged the public through information meetings/workshops and in-field environmental education classes
  • Watershed modeling and environmental management using BASINS 4.0 software
  • Produced a web-based GIS application which can identify how changes might impact the watershed