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Blodgett Elementary Dream Center


Syracuse City School District

Project Location

Syracuse, NY

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PreK-12 Education

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Bergmann Location

Syracuse, NY
Blodgett 5

This project converted three underutilized classrooms into a new and exciting library facility designed to excite and inspire young students to become engaged in reading.

The project was unique in its conception and delivery in that all of the design and construction was accomplished through donations of services, labor, materials and monies coordinated through Mercy Works of Syracuse. The design of the new library was developed with a team of seven local architectural & engineering firms, each providing services to design a specific portion of the work required.

The theme developed for the library was A Journey Through History featuring a pre-historic area for primary readers, an Egyptian area for circulation desk and staff, a Roman area for group readings and book shelves, a Gothic area for work tables and book shelves and a space shuttle area for the computer lab.

The overall project was a huge success, bringing together a wide range of people to voluntarily assist the educational and inspirational needs of the inner-city children attending Blodgett Elementary School.