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Buckeye Partners Environmental Program Management

Buckeye Partners Environmental Program Management, Schuylkill River, Upper Providence PA

Buckeye Partners Environmental Program Management, Schuylkill River, Upper Providence PA

Ongoing program management services for existing Buckeye pipelines.

Bergmann has been retained by Buckeye Partners to provide third party program management services for their spans and exposure program, as well as their capital improvements program, as part of their integrity and asset management program. As the program manager, Bergmann is responsible for providing civil and environmental design and permitting for existing pipelines that have become exposed in streams, rivers and wetlands. To date, we have completed the design and permitting for more than 100 exposures in 11 different states. Bergmann also provides environmental permitting, engineering and survey services to Buckeye for a number of large, regional capital improvement projects aimed at improving commodity exchange between markets and overall system reliability and flexibility.

Project Highlights

  • Program manager for pipeline exposure projects in East, West, Central and South districts
  • Environmental program manager for system improvement projects in the central district
  • Completed wetland and stream delineations
  • Prepared permit packages for local, state and federal permitting (Section 401, 402, 404 & 408, Army Corps of Engineers, state water quality certifications, DOT)
  • Stream relocation & stabilization design
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling and engineering
  • Prepared construction plans and provided construction administrative services
  • NPDES hydrostatic test water withdrawal and discharge permitting, testing, sampling and reporting
  • Completed construction inspections, prepared Notice of Terminations (NOT) and completed SWPPP inspections
  • Asbestos, lead, soil and water sampling, testing and reporting
  • ALTA boundary and topographic survey
  • Petroleum bulk storage (PBS) tank registrations